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ssthisto's Journal

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I'm an artist, an avid reader, and a fan of Voyager. I like science fiction and fantasy movies and books, some horror - especially Stephen King - and the occasional not-too-sappy romance novel. Especially the time-travel ones. I enjoy computer games, was born in Albuquerque, NM, and moved to Britain when I was twenty. I'm draconic, and have known this for my entire life. This has affected what I draw - I concentrate mostly on dragons and other semireptilians like dinosaurs. I like seafood, most fruits (except sweet apples, strangely enough) and really really rare steak. I've been called bizarre, perverse, weird and cute - and only disagree with that last one.
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african grey parrots, alchemy, animal rights, animals, anime, anthro, aromatherapy, art, bicycling, books, cold foam casting, dinosaurs, dragons, dragonsintheattic.com, drawing, enya, euthanasia, fantasy, faux finishes, folklore, food, furry, glass chess sets, greencheeked conures, hiking, kevlan, kevlanianism, medectophilia, motorcycles, museums, nachos with honey, new age music, new mexico whiptailed lizards, oneiromancy, pets, plush animals, reading, role-playing games, sculpted food, shoulder dragons, swimming, the dark tower, the riddle, towels, trance techno, trompe l' oeil

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